Monday, February 14, 2011

A Prince

Something bad has happened, Friends. The video of Aaron Tveit as Fiyero Tiggular has been taken off of YouTube.

Let's take a moment to cry before we go on.



If you've been reading my blog for a long while (or even a little while) then you must know that I have developed an obsession with the musical Wicked and all things associated with it. More specifically, the prince, Fiyero Tiggular.

Normal girls want a Prince Charming, a Mr. Darcy, or a Gilbert Blythe. And whereas I will accept any of those three without hesitation, I have chosen my hero as Prince Fiyero of Oz.

Why: If you've seen Wicked you'd understand. He can sing, he can dance, he has a carefree spirit, he's gorgeous, he's honest, he's funny, he's brave. I have also taken to referring to myself as Elphaba Thropp. So I am just an Elphie looking for my Fiyero.

I probably couldn't count on both hands and both feet how many talented young men have portrayed this character. But I can tell you who my favorite is.

*drum roll*

Aaron Tveit.

You're probably thinking to yourself, "Duh. You blog about him once a week at least." And yes that is true. But my love of Aaron Tveit stemmed from a love of Fiyero Tiggular. Allow me to shed some light on this very important subject.

Girl is bored. Girl is watching videos of Wicked on YouTube. YouTube suggests girl watches video of Aaron Tveit as Fiyero. Girl has never heard of Aaron Tveit. But Girl loves Fiyero. Girl wonders what she has to lose. Girl gives in. Girl watches video. Girl watches video again. Girl has fallen in love.

I am Girl in case you were wondering. And yeah that's pretty much how the story goes. But recently, YouTube took video away and now Girl is saddened. So I must find other videos of Aaron Tveit as Fiyero and the ETERNAL QUEST has not yet been completed. But I did find this little gem and I thought I'd share it with you. If you don't feel like watching the full 8 minutes and 50 seconds and just want to see my hero than skip to 5:45.

Isn't he amazing? Yeah, I want one for myself. And below is a video of him singing. There are five Fiyeros on the video so I don't blame you if you don't want to watch the whole thing. However, watching all of them is a good way to compare and possibly choose a favorite for yourself. Skip to 4:39 to see Aaron.

Wouldn't you just kill to be Alli Mauzey (Galinda) there? And yes, for those of you wondering, the second Fiyero is in fact Adam Lambert the controversial rock star and runner up of American Idol Season 8. But that's beside the point.

Point is, Aaron is a brilliant genius with a voice that melts my heart like the summer sun melts a stick of butter.

And finally for a video of the romantic scene between the best Fiyero and the worst Elphaba (in my oh-so humble opinion) watch the video below. Skip to 0:44 if you don't care about Galinda's solo.

Yeah Fiyero is my Prince and my valentine for the day. And just out of curiosity, which of the Fiyero's is your favorite?

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