Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Something So Beautiful: Laughing


There is something so beautiful about people when they laugh. When they really let loose and just laugh. Full abandon, no hesitation, no consideration of who may be watching or listening or what they may think. Just laughing.

It is a rare occurrence when I see someone laugh - truly laugh - without holding back. But when I am lucky enough to witness such a stunning feat, I can't help but take a moment to stop and watch them. The way a person can be so vulnerable just by laughing is breathtakingly beautiful. And I wish more than anything that I could see it more often.

There are so many different kinds of laughs. The loud, the snorting, the deep, the high-pitched, the ones that actually say "hee-hee." All are unique to a certain individual and all have a specific beauty to them.

I fall in love with people in those moments when I really see them laugh. Laughing is an expression of abandon, of freedom, of pure, unalterable joy. Laughing is contagious. It's freeing. It's beautiful. And it is in times of laughter that all else fades away, that trials and negativity are forgotten, and that connection is made between people without a word needing to be said.

It is in times of laughter that one's true self is revealed. And that true self is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
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