Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 13: A Guilty Pleasure

I don' really know what to out. Of course I have a few options (Aaron Tveit, Converse high tops, old cars) none of which I feel particularly guilty about loving. Sooooo I will post something that I have been craving recently.

That is right bloggers. In 'N' Out Burger. I want to go there soooo bad. But since I live in Colorado and we don't have one here I cannot. So I'll just look at pictures of the food and drool on my keyboard.


  1. You know, I've heard soo much about that place, but have never been there, yet alone even seen one, since I live in Pennsylvania! I feel like I'm missing out...Hmmph.

    ~Lauren :)

  2. Yeah if you're ever given the opportunity, seize it with both hands. They're all over on the west cost but no where else sadly.


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