Sunday, September 22, 2013

Remember When

Remember when I made stars and painted the sky and crafted clouds and swirled together galaxies? I did that because I knew how you would love to look up.

Remember how I wrote the laws of quantum mechanics and stitched together molecules and composed the musical scale and inspired mathematics? I did that because I knew how you would love to learn.

Remember how I created humans with flexible joints and strung together symphonies and molded eardrums and carved feet? I did that because I knew how you would love to dance.

Remember how I rode into Jerusalem and experienced rejection and took thirty-nine lashes and endured an excruciating death? I did that because I knew it would hurt you to do it yourself.

Remember how I conquered death and sent My Spirit and commissioned you and gave you authority? I did that because I knew how you would want to change your world.

I love you. Oh, how extravagant is My love for you, My warrior princess, My exquisite rebellion, My Adara. Every time your lungs fill with air it is because I breathed the words "I love you" over you. Every time you encounter someone beautiful it is because I set them in your path to bring you joy. Every time you catch yourself laughing or smiling for no reason it is because you are receiving a taste of My overwhelming delight in you.

You are My pride, you are My joy, you are the reason for My sacrifice. And I adore you, Beloved. I love you more than life.

You are everything to Me. And I would do all of that over and over again to make you understand. You lack nothing. You are flawless. You are nothing short of wonderful and I love you endlessly. More than you could ever comprehend.

So come awake, Brave Soul. Step out of the dark and into the downpour that is My adoration for you. I want you to experience all I have to give. I want to do life with you.

I hold out My scarred hand and ask for you to grab onto it. Escape your cage, Songbird, and take the freefall. I will always catch you. I will always love you. I will never walk away.

I promise.

All my love,
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