Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 20: A Hobby of Yours

Duh. I've posted about this numerous times. It's not a hobby. It's a lifestyle choice. Writing. I'll post a little something I wrote freshman year. Tell me if you like it :)

            Gary and Peter
A Tragedy by Charity Segovia
                It was almost time. This much Gary knew. He had become accustomed to this dreaded hour since the Wilson’s picked him and his 1,032 brothers and sisters up at the grocery store. He and his best friend Peter would just close their eyes and pray for it to be over. It was finally here. It was . . . snack time. Gary was a Gummy Bear, and so snack time was a time of which he would not put, but he didn’t have a choice. Peter was a pretzel stick, so he too was venerable to the monstrosities Mom and Dad Wilson called their children as well. Sam, Beth and little Joey they were, and Gary knew that the more children there were in the house, the more chance there was of being eaten. It was just a matter of time before the children discovered him and ripped him apart with their razor sharp fangs. But the children weren’t the only enemy of the Gummy Bear/pretzel team. There was also Chris, the baby carrot.
                Chris found it amusing that the children had a taste for the sweet and the salty, but not for the healthy. He would laugh as the children turned their noses up at him and went for Gary and Peter’s families. Even the sight and the sound of this vial creature made the dynamic duo sick, but they had to live with it, because if there was one thing they were certain of, it was that the three little beasts would gladly finish off the Gummy Bears and the pretzels before they even touched the baby carrots. And this posed Gary and Peter with a problem. If they escaped from the packaging and hid deep in the cabinet, Mom Wilson would just throw them in the trash when she cleaned it out, and they would be forced to face yet another horrible death. Between that and the gaping jaws of the children, they had to choose their own demise.
                The two bags of snack food were near empty now, and the two could tell that it was getting down to the wire. On a day soon to come, they would be eaten, all to the sound of Chris’s scornful chuckle. Gary knew he had to feed Chris to the children. But how? They wouldn’t touch anything good for you. But the sound of Dad Wilson’s voice during that particular snack time left him hopeful.
                “Kids! You have to eat something healthy today! Have some of the baby carrots!”
                “Awe Dad! Can’t we have something good too?”
                “Sure, have some pretzels, but only a few.”
                Darn you, Sam Wilson! This could mean only one thing. Not only was Gary going to witness the death of his mortal enemy, but also that of his best friend. The kids threw open the cabinet and pulled out the bag of pretzel sticks. The bag of baby carrots was already lying on the table. The kids divided up the loot, put the rest of the baby carrots away, and threw the empty pretzel bag into the trash can.
                “No!” Chris cried out as Beth Wilson bit into his head.
                “Yes!” thought Gary. Chris was dead! But the Wilson kids, blinded by their gluttony, forgot to close the cabinet door, so Gary looked frantically around the kids’ napkins for Peter. He saw him lying on Joey’s, and knew he had to save his friend. That moment, Gary knew what he had to do. He gathered up all his strength, and flung himself to the ground. Joey, noticing a chance to get something good for his taste buds, picked him up and lifted him to his mouth.
                “Gary, NO!” the sound of Peter’s voice was the last thing Gary heard before Joey took a bite.

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