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Friday, July 22, 2011

Beautiful People: Discovering Emma (and Travis) Part Cinq!

1) What is his/her biggest secret? Emma: Her love for Travis. She hides it from herself even but Heidi is the one who notices it. Travis: He doesn't really have many secrets. He's very open and tries not to hide anything.
2) Has he/she ever been in love? Emma: Before Travis, no. She never really understood the concept of love until she left home. Travis: He thought he was once in high school, but as he grows up he realizes he was wrong.
3) What is his/her comfort food? Emma: Mac and cheese. She always makes it for herself and Heidi. Travis: Chinese food.
4) Does he/she play a musical instrument? If so what? Emma: No. Travis: Acoustic guitar.
5) What color are his/her eyes? Hair? Emma: Blond hair and blue eyes. Travis: Brown hair and brown eyes.
6) Does he/she have any pets? Both: No.
7) Where is his/her favorite place to be? Emma: The bench. Travis: The Waters School of Dance.
8) What are some of his/her dreams or goals? Emma: To become a professional dancer or choreographer. Travis: To keep the Waters School of Dance in the family.
9) Does he/she enjoy sports? Emma: None other than dance. Travis: Pretty much anything that his friends like. They make fun of him because he spent his time as a kid in ballet class rather than at football practice, but now that they're older he can beat them at any sport.
10) What is his/her favorite flower or plant? Emma: Daisies. Travis: Apple trees.

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Mid Summer's Best Friends Contest

This looks like fun and I have so many pictures of us I thought I'd enter.

That is us :)

Another Candle On My Cake

Well, yesterday was my sixteenth birthday! Finally.

I've been waiting for my sixteenth year all my life but now that I'm here, it feels just like all the others. Grr.

Anyway, we threw an awesome dance party on Sunday night at our church. We didn't get a lot of pictures because we were partying it up so much but we did get a few which I will post down there somewhere. But basically, it was awesome. We had fun and I'm still sore from all the dancing.

Now's typically the part where I get all deep and write about some new found realization I've discovered about life. I don't really have one. Other than there's not much better than having cool friends who love you and want to celebrate with you. Having thirty people show up at my party who were willing to celebrate me life kind of made me realize how awesome friends are. I've always known. But know I get it more.

Picture time! (I apologies for the quality, or lack thereof, of the photos).

Aaaaand the first picture of year 16:

Thanks for reading y'all!

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Three years, three notebooks, three parts, twenty-eight chapters, sixty-eight characters, numerous pens, and uncountable periods of writer's block, spontaneous inspiration, and late night writing sessions and I have finally finished my book.
Feel free to applaud at any time.
Yes, Ladies and Gents, c'est vrai. Uritus and the Sword of Fire was finished this morning at 4:44 am. I pulled one of those all-nighter-writing-session-I've-been-working-on-this-book-for-three-years-and-I-want-to-finish-it thingys last night. I wrote chapters twenty-five through twenty-eight as well as an epilogue.
And. I. Am. So. Flipping. Happy.
It's one of those feelings that any artist can relate to. It's when a painter finally gazes upon the portrait she's been trying to finish forever. Or when a musician hits the note he's been trying to hit for the longest time. It's hitting a home run and taking a final bow and throwing the winning touchdown all at the same time. I can't even begin to describe how good it feels.
Last night feels like a dream. I remember watching Clash of the Titans with my dad then taking a shower and pulling out the third notebook that hadn't been written in yet. I prayed that God would give me just enough stamina and inspiration to survive and be done. In my heart I knew. The book would end that night.
Technically it ended the next morning as the birds awoke. I shut the notebook, capped my pen, and squealed. You know that feeling you get when you accomplish something you've worked so hard at and you just have to tell somebody? That's how I felt. But at 4:44 in the morning, I had no one to tell.
So I spread the pages out before my Designer and prayed that even if the book doesn't go anywhere farther than my bedroom walls, it will be used for His glory. I opened my curtain and let the sunrise spill onto my bed as my head, weary and spent, hit the pillow. I fell asleep at five. I burst forth into the world at nine, declaring the victory I had over the thing I've been battling since spring break of my seventh grade year.
Now, the summer before my junior year of high school, I reign supreme. I have proven not only to the world but also to myself that I can do anything I set my mind on. Even if everyone else thinks I'm totally insane for doing so. I remained strong. I kept the faith. I held on till sunrise. And the victory is so much sweeter because of the struggle that went with it.
I know, there is still much more to be done. I have to edit it, type up a manuscript, and send it off to my publisher and ask if he's still interested in it. But that doesn't phase me.
I finished the freaking book and I am on top of the world because of it.
I'm going to go crack open Celtx and attempt to type this thing up. I'll give you an excerpt soon enough. But for now, I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the book. The one that I have chosen to define the rest of my life.
"People so often associate the word 'courage' with the word 'fearless' while in reality no one is fearless. Everyone is afraid of something, no matter what it is. But courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is the ability to look fear straight in the face and say, 'You don't own me.'" ~Uritus

Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Interview {{For the Gentlemen}}

Okay part two of the interview is here!

Interviewer: Hi and welcome back to Who Needs Coffee? Before the break, I interviewed Charisma, Lola, Carmen, and Whitney from The Popular Series. Now I'm going to interview the boys! Let me introduce them to you.

Kurt Nicolas Pleckard is a singing, acting high school student who is caught in the shadow of his fashion designer uncle, Chad Pleckard.

<--- Kurt looks like Aaron Tveit. Don't judge.

Maurice Andrew Okar is the foreign exchange student from Africa who is taken in by Charisma's parents.

                          Maurice looks something along the lines of this --->

Derek Justin Luweo is Lola's fraternal twin who loves playing sports just as much as singing.

<--- This is what he looks like

Finn David Ferrari (whose first name is going to be changed to Sam) is the football quarterback of Westminster High and Carmen's big brother.

                                                         This is what he looks like --->

*The guys walk out and take a seat to the sound of the audience's applause*
Interviewer: Hi guys!
*The guys return the greeting*
Interviewer: Thanks so much for joining us!
Maurice: Not a problem!
Finn: *Leans over to Kurt and whispers* Us?

Interviewer: All right let's get to the first question. Do you guys have any kids?
*The guys turn and look at Kurt*
Kurt: Well, no. I almost did. Charisma told you how she got pregnant?
*Interviewer nods*
Kurt: Well, I was the father. I still feel really bad because I wasn't really there for her when she was pregnant and then when she had the miscarriage . . . *Trails off and looks down*

Interviewer: Okay, we can move on. The next question is a little weird. Have you ever killed anyone?
Derek: Do we . . . look like murderers?
Interviewer: I don't come up with the questions. I just ask them.
*The guys look at each other*

Interviewer: Anyway. Are you guys in love with anyone?
Maurice: It's . . .
Derek: Complicated.
Finn: We do find the right people at the end of the book though.
Kurt: Yeah "love" is a strong word. We've all dated a few girls.
*The guys all nod*
Finn: Kurt is in love with Charisma though. Even though she punched him . . .
Kurt: You didn't need to tell her that!
Maurice: We all know it's true.
Derek: It's kind of obvious.
Kurt: Anyway! We do all find love at the end of the book. Next question.

Interviewer: Okay. Do you guys have any jobs?
Maurice: Not really.
Derek: We do odd jobs where we can.

Interviewer: Do you guys have favorite seasons?
Finn: Fall and spring because I can play football.
Maurice, Kurt, and Derek: Summer.
Finn: You guys are so original.

Interviewer: *Laughs* The girls have already told me about how you are best friends with them. Do you have guy best friends too?
Finn: *Puts his arm around Kurt* This guy!
Derek: *Puts his arm around Maurice* Well, my best friend is from Nigeria!
Kurt: *Laughs* We're all really close though.
Maurice: *Nods* No rivalries here.

Interviewer: That's great! So what do you guys like to do for fun?
Derek: Well Finn likes football.
Maurice: Duh.
Kurt: Maurice likes to cook!
Maurice: Derek is our songbird.
Finn: And Kurt likes to play dress up!
Kurt: Shut up! Just because I like to look good and I have an uncle who's a world famous fashion designer does not mean I play dress up!
Finn: *Laughs* I'm just kidding.
Derek: Kurt sings too. And does some acting.
Maurice: Which he's freaking good at!
Kurt: *Sarcastically* Awe shucks.

Interviewer: So what are you guys doing after the interview?
Maurice: *Gasps* Finn I think she just asked you out!
Derek: Get in line.
Finn: Knock it off, guys!
Kurt: Oh come on, Finn. You know every girl in school is totally taken with you.
Derek: You shouldn't be talking, Kurt!
Maurice: Okay, she gets it. We're all very attractive, talented people who are busy this afternoon. *Turns to Interviewer* Maybe next time.

Interviewer: *Blushes* Moving on . . . What's your eye color?
Finn and Maurice: Brown.
Derek: Hazel.
Kurt: Blueish-green.

Interviewer: So . . . are you good or bad?
Derek: Good . . .
Finn: Why . . . ?

Interviewer: Like I said, I don't write the questions. What's your greatest fear?
Maurice: I got this. Derek's afraid of shoe shopping, Finn's afraid of scented candles, Kurt's afraid of being eaten alive by a shark.
Derek: And Maurice is afraid of the sun exploding.
Kurt: Not just being eaten by a shark. It's the pain of being eaten that I'm afraid of.
Finn: How did you come up with scented candles?
Maurice: Because they take away from your masculinity!
Finn: Oh, okay.
Interviewer: *Laughs* You guys are hilarious together!
Derek: We know.

Interviewer: So, parents! What's up with them?
Finn: My parents are really cool actually.
Derek: Mine are lame! Okay not really. They're alright.
Maurice: I love my parents, but they can be a bit . . . over protective. That's why I was so glad when I found out I could come to America for school.
Kurt: Well, mine are actually divorced. I live with my dad and see my mom on occasion. It's not as hard on me as you think it would be though.

Interviewer: What about siblings?
Finn: Derek and I have sisters but Kurt and Maurice are both only children.
Derek: Yeah, having a sister is eventful. It's cool I guess, but it can be a pain.

Interviewer: Understandable. Was it fun answering these questions?
Kurt: Are we done?
Interviewer: Not quite.
Maurice: Yes it was fun. I got an excuse to hang out with my buds.
Derek: Awe!
Finn: Group hug!
*The guys all hug each other*

Interviewer: *Shakes her head* Do you guys have any weaknesses?
Kurt, Derek, and Maurice: Girls.
Finn: Real original, guys.

Interviewer: What's your favorite element? Fire, water, earth, or wind?
Derek: Fire is cool.
Maurice: Water is too.
Finn: I don't really have a preference.
Kurt: Earth. Because I live there.
Maurice: That leaves you with wind, Finn.
Finn: Okay, wind is cool. It's fast and stuff . . .

Interviewer: All right then. Almost done. Do you guys care what others think of you?
*The guys all look at each other*
Kurt: I think we all do, to an extent. Everyone does, though some try to deny it. We don't let people get to us though. We're pretty confident with who we are.
Derek: Don't get too deep, Kurt . . .
Kurt: Shut up.

Interviewer: Okay last question: Do you guys have theme songs?
*The guys look at each other again*
Maurice: We haven't really thought about that.
Finn: I think Kurt's is "Fly With Me." The Tyler Ward version.

Derek: And Maurice's is "Run and Tell That" from Hairspray!

Maurice: Derek's has to be "We Are the Champions" by Queen.

Kurt: And Finn's is "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain.
Finn: Why that?
Kurt: Because you're the one who's always there when we need you.

Interviewer: All great songs! Well looks like we're out of time! Thanks for joining us!
Derek: No problem!
Finn: *Leans over to Kurt and whispers* Us?
Interviewer: We'll be back tomorrow with more great stuff. Thanks for tuning into Who Needs Coffee? I'm Winny Hightower, bye-bye!

Again I tag ANYONE WHO WANTS TO PARTICIPATE!!! Thanks y'all :)

An Interview {{For the Ladies}}

So, when I saw this tag over at Perfectly Sensible Nonsense I kind of freaked out. This tag is an interview with your characters!!! Eeep!

The rules are as such:

1) Choose three of your characters
2) Make your characters answer these questions
3) Tag three other people

Technically, I'm breaking rule two because I'm interviewing four girls in this interview and four guys in the next (the eight main characters from The Popular Series). So. Let the interview begin!

Interviewer: Good morning! And thank you for tuning into Who Needs Coffee? I'm Winny Hightower, your host. Today, I'm interviewing four high school girls from Westminster, Colorado! Allow me to introduce them.

Charisma Starr Rowland is originally from Paris, France. Her passions include singing, acting, dancing, and being in the spotlight.

<--- This is how she looks. But with black hair. Use your imagination.

Lola Mirage Luweo is the head cheerleader at Westminster High School. She's been cheering all her life and loves it more than anything.

                     I'm still iffy about a look for Lola. She looks something like this --->

Carmen Leigh Ferrari is the soccer jock of the group. She's been playing varsity soccer since she was a freshman and is very proud of that.

<--- Her look is something like this.

And finally is Whitney Anne Woodman, the quiet and reserved artist. She is very passionate about her craft and plans on pursuing it as a career.

                                                            She looks like this sort of --->

*All four girls file out and sit on the couch to the sound of the audience's applause.*
Interviewer: Hi, girls! Thank you so much for joining us!
Charisma: My pleasure!
Lola: No problem! 
Carmen: Thank you for having us!
Whitney: Us?
Interviewer: *annoyingly happy* This will be a fun interview!
*The girls smile and look at each other*

Interviewer: All right, for my first question . . . do you have any kids?
*The girls fall silent and look down*
Carmen: I don't.
Whitney: Me neither.
Lola: Unlike some people.
*The girls look at Charisma who sighs*
Charisma: I don't have any kids either . . . I was supposed to though.
Interviewer: *After an awkward pause* Care to give us some details?
Charisma: *Sighs again* I got pregnant at the beginning of sophomore year. Four months later though I had a miscarriage . . .
Interviewer: *Loosing her peppiness* Oh . . . I'm sorry.
Charisma: It's fine . . . next question.

Interviewer: Okay. Have you ever killed anyone?
*All the girls gasp*
Whitney: Never!
Carmen: I haven't . . . Charisma and Lola have come close though.
Interviewer: *Cocks her head in curiosity*
*Lola and Charisma look at each other*
Lola: We've gotten into a few . . . spirited debates . . . which got physical. I've only done it once though!
Charisma: I've been in a few fights, I admit. I've only ever punched someone once though!
Carmen: I'm sure he appreciates that.
Interviewer: We'll go over that story when we interview the boys.
Whitney: We?

Interviewer: Next question! Are you girls in love with anyone?
*All girls giggle nervously*
Whitney: Not really . . .
Charisma: On and off . . .
Lola: Only a little bit.
Carmen: *Laughs* We have very complicated relationship statuses in the series. Our Author likes drama.
Interviewer: I see. So . . . there's no boy in particular?
Whitney: Well there are four actually . . . who you're interviewing next.
Charisma: But I think at some time we all have been in love with Finn.
*Charisma, Whitney, and Lola sigh dreamily*
Carmen: Except for me 'cause Finn's my brother.

Interviewer: Okay then. Do you guys have any jobs yet?
Lola: No.
Whitney: Not yet.
Charisma: I'm living off my parents' money.
*All other girls glare at Charisma with envy*

Interviewer: Moving on. What are your favorite seasons?
Carmen: Spring. Soccer season.
Whitney: I like how pretty Colorado gets in the winter.
Lola: Summer, because I don't have to worry about school stuff.
Charisma: I don't really have a preference. Fall is nice though, because of the new school year.

Interviewer: Interesting. You all consider yourselves best friends right?
*The girls nod*
Interviewer: Are there any two of you who are closer than the rest?
*The girls look at each other*
Carmen: That's also complicated.
Lola: The friendships change a lot through the book.
Whitney: We have the guys, though. I've been best friends with Kurt since preschool.
Charisma: Oh yeah, Finn and I consider each other best friends.
Carmen: Mine is Maurice.
Lola: And I'm best friends with my brother, Derek.

Interviewer: We kind of went over this in the beginning, but what are your hobbies?
Whitney: Art.
Lola: Cheer!!!
Carmen: Soccerrrrr.
Charisma: Singing, dancing, acting, I could go on, but I won't.

Interviewer: That's cool. What are you girls doing after the interview.
*The girls look at each other*
Charisma: We'll probably wait around for the guys and then go to Tiffany's.
Interviewer: Tiffany's?
Whitney: It's a fifties-style diner place where we like to hang out.

Interviewer: Sounds like fun! Simple question, what is your eye color?
Lola: Hazel.
Carmen: *Rolls her eyes* Brown.
Whitney: Blue.
Charisma: Green.

Interviewer: Are you good or bad.
Whitney: We're good . . .
Carmen: For the most part . . .
Charisma: We have a few "bad" moments though.
Lola: Just a few.

Interviewer: Any fears?
*The girls look at each other again*
Carmen: Nothing major . . . I don't think.
Charisma: Loosing someone I love again . . . *Thinks about the baby*
Whitney: Snakes.
Lola: Broken bones.

Interviewer: So . . . parents! What's up with them?
Whitney: I love my parents.
Lola: They're pretty cool, I guess.
Carmen: My parents raised me and Finn as Christians. They're pretty awesome.
Charisma: I think I'm the only one who has an iffy parental situation.
Interviewer: How so?
Charisma: Well, they're super rich business people who travel all the time. They give me everything I need but they never really raised me. Martin - my butler - did. And they don't really understand me either. They kicked me out when I got pregnant because I wouldn't have an abortion.
Whitney: *Reaches over and rubs Charisma's arm*
Charisma: Whit took me in then. *Smiles*

Interviewer: *Changing the subject* What about siblings?
Carmen: Well I have Finn. He's a cool older brother.
Whitney: Nope. Only child. It's okay, I guess.
Lola: Derek's my fraternal twin!
Charisma: And Maurice is kind of like a brother. He's the foreign exchange student who moved in with my family during junior year.

Interviewer: *Peppy again* Well have you enjoyed this interview?
Charisma: Sure.
Carmen and Whitney: *Shrug*
Lola: Why not?

Interviewer: Well we're not technically done yet. Almost though! Do you girls have any weaknesses?
Lola: *Raises her hand* I'm a gossip! But I'm working on it.
Whitney: I'm kind of over-emotional.
Carmen: I have an arrogance issue.
Charisma: And I just love myself too much. That, and I tend to seek physical revenge . . .

Interviewer: Random time! What is your favorite element? You know, fire, water, wind, earth.
Whitney: I think water.
Carmen: Earth is cool.
Lola: Uhm, wind.
Charisma: And I have to go with fire.

Interviewer: Wow you girls really are different. Okay this is a big one, do you care what others think of you?
Charisma: *Without hesitation* Not a bit.
Lola: Yes, but not as much as I used to.
Carmen: Not really.
Whitney: Probably more than I should.

Interviewer: All right, just for fun, do you girls have theme songs?
*The girls exchange glances*
Carmen: We actually have them with us!
Interviewer: Let's give them a listen then, shall we?

Charisma: Mine is "Brave" by Idina Menzel. It kind of represents everything I've been through.

Lola: I like the cover of "Firework" by Tyler Ward because I've had a few confidence issues.

Carmen: I think mine is "Life is a Highway" by Rascal Flatts 'cause it's all about living the adventure.

Whitney: Mine is probably "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift. It's kind of how I feel sometimes . . .

Charisma: And of course the theme song for the whole series is "Popular" from the musical Wicked.

Interviewer: That's awesome! Thanks again for joining us!
Carmen: Not a problem!
Lola: It's been fun.
Charisma: Thanks for the interview!
Whitney: Us?

Interviewer: Don't go anywhere! We'll be right back after this commercial break to interview the boys from the Popular Series!
Whitney: We?

Well that was fun. I hereby tag ANYONE AT ALL WHO WANTS TO PARTICIPATE!!! The boys' interview will be here soon :)

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Beautiful Things I've Stumbled Upon Recently

I thought I'd do another one of these posts :)

1) If I had a baby I would get them one of these:

It's just so cute!!!

2) Travis Wall is my favorite:

This was one of his greatest moments.

3) I love Eeyore the best:

I want to see this for my birthday.

4) My little bro has developed an obsession with this game:

I thought the picture was funny.

5) Aaron Tveit with puppies:

Can you get any more adorable?

6) I want to study abroad here:

So flipping bad.

7) It's decided:

Wouldn't you?

8) Poor cactus:

Is it weird that I feel bad for it?

9) This is Enjolras:

If you've read Les Mis you'll understand why I love him so much.

10) And finally:

I'm doing this when I graduate.

So, friends, that is all. I think I'm gonna go make some grilled cheese now. I'll leave you with the greatest thing ever written:
As He spoke He no longer looked to them like a lion; but the things that began to happen after that were so great and beautiful that I cannot write them. And for us this is the end of all the stories, and we can most truly say that they all lived happily ever after. But for them it was really the beginning of the real story. All their life in this world and all their adventures in Narnia had only been the cover and the title page: now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story which no one on earth has read: which goes on forever: in which every chapter is better than the one before.” ~CS Lewis

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Bucket List

I actually can't put everything on here because it would take me a billion and a half years, but I can put the major things :)
  1. Write a musical and star in it on Broadway
  2. Open a home for pregnant teenage girls to live with their babies
  3. Get a novel published
  4. Visit all 7 continents and all 50 states
  5. Break a world record (not sure which one yet)
  6. Design a line of clothing
  7. Win a Tony
  8. Meet Aaron Tveit
  9. Find a beautiful place to get lost
  10. Live in a foreign country for a year to do missionary work
Well yeah that's just scratching the surface (I left out: go indoor skydiving, study abroad, and learn Italian). What are some items on your bucket list?

A Giveaway . . . Again

This adorable giveaway is over at (life is too short not to) wear red shoes.

This is me prompting you to check it out:

*prompt* *prompt*

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