Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beautiful People: Discovering Emma (And Travis) Part Sept!

1) Does he/she have any habits, annoying or otherwise? Emma: Plays with her jewelry, more specifically her necklace. Travis: None in particular.
2) What is his/her back story, and how does it affect him/her now? Emma: She grew up poor, unable to afford dance lessons. Her dad was an alcoholic and her parents divorced when she was young. She grew up believing she would never amount to anything but she chose to change that when she moved out at age eighteen. Because she couldn't afford to take dance, no companies or studios will hire her so she finds a job as a nanny instead. Travis: He grew up in upstate New York to rich parents who gave him everything he ever wanted. He took dance at his parents' studio, The Waters School of Dance and never was in want. He started working for the studio when he turned 17 and inherited it not long after. His sister, Shelby, and her husband died in a car crash leaving Heidi an orphan and he immediately took her as his own. He makes sure she can take as much dance as she wants because he knows how much she loves it.
3) How does he/she show love? Emma: Quality time. She likes to be around the people she loves. Travis: By giving his time, money, home, anything he can to that person so they know he cares about them.
4) How competitive is he/she? Emma: Not so much competitive as determined to prove herself strong and capable. Travis: Not very, but more so than Emma.
5) What does he/she think when nothing else is going on? Emma: She pretty much always has something going on but when she gets the chance she thinks about her Uncle Ben, and dance, and Heidi and Travis. Travis: Whether or not he's making the right choice by raising Heidi without a mother, Emma and her struggles, the studio.
6) Does he/she have an accent? Emma: She has a bit of a New York accent but not so much that it's obvious. Travis: He doesn't have an accent as much as a "New York way" of saying things.
7) What is his/her station in life? Emma: She was born into a very poor, lower-class family but now she's moved up to middle class at least. She doesn't have a lot of money, but she lives with someone who does. Travis: Upper-class. He's "pure-bred" in a sense - his father and his grandfather and so on were never lacking money.
8) What do others expect from him/her? Emma: Not a lot, considering where she came from and what her family was reputed to be like. Travis: More than he would like because of everything he's taken on.
9) Where was he/she born and when? Emma: Manhattan area of New York in the late 80s. Travis: Upstate New York in the late 80s.
10) How does he/she feel about people in general? Emma: For the most part, she'd wary and cautious of others but she can also be very gullible. Travis: He's very open and warm to others but his trust is easily lost.

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