Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Meaningful Post

You know what I'm talking about.

Spirit week.

I apologize for the extreme lack of a meaningful post recently but I have been busy having an awesome time. During spirit week. To make it up to you, I shall write a meaningful post now (with lots of pictures in case you can't read).

Day 1 was nerd/ugly sweater day

Day 2 was twin/character day. Me and Faith were gangsters.

Day 3 was crazy day but we went on a choir field trip instead

Me, Bianca, and Sarah

My reflection in Hannah's sunglasses

We were entertained by this leaf

We went to the Fine Arts Center

And I just *had* to take a picture of the sky

We got to work with pastels!

Day 4 was class color day

And the spirit assembly

Day 5 was decades day

And powder puff

And the homecoming game!

The homecoming court

And the cheerleaders

Then came the dance

And it was awesome

But you probably could've guessed that

Well, that's about it! I got my first slow dance, I danced with some people whom I *adore*, and had a great time over all. Mel and I took some pictures at her house before the dance and I'll upload those soon, I promise. Cheers!

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