Sunday, September 11, 2011

And That's All She Wrote {Day 3}

Adiadni took a breath and smoothed her hair down. She didn't want to do this but inside she knew she had to. She'd fallen in love - with a man who wasn't her betrothed. And on the day that was supposed to be her wedding day she was going to tell her parents, her betrothed, and the rest of the kingdom that she would not be married. At least not to a man she didn't love. Her hands shook as she reached toward the handles of the palace doors and prepared to step outside.

"Adi, you can do this!" She tried to convince herself. "You must do this. For Uritus." She closed her eyes and pictured the man she left behind to be here. She wanted him, and though she knew that might never happen, she had to try. She grasped the handles of the doors and flung them open. It was time.

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