Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And That's All She Wrote {Day 5}

"Heather! Heather where are you?" Reece raced around the plot of land she'd been living on for a year and a half. "Where is that child?" Her little second cousin (twice removed on her mother's side) had taken a liking to hiding from Reece - and she was good at it. Reece looked up from where she'd been searching through the bushes as she heard a car door slam.

Aaron jogged to her side. "Have you fond her yet?"

Reece sighed in frustration. "Does it look like I've found her yet?"

Aaron said nothing, just nodded sharply and raced over to the barn while Reece continued screaming Heather's name. The tall, smart music theory major had developed a connection with the little girl. He liked her and she liked him and they got along very well.

"Heather?" He whispered as he neared the door of the old wooden structure. "It's me, Aaron. Please come out?"

"Why?" A small blond head peeked out from behind one of the barn doors. "Why do I have to come out?"

Aaron breathed a sigh of relief and crouched to her level. "Because, Sweetie," He spoke gently. "Reece is worried sick about you."

"What do I care if she's sick?" Heather huffed. "I don't even like her."

"You don't mean that . . ." Aaron paused trying to think of a way to lure her out. "Tell you what. If you come out with me and show Reece that you're okay, I'll take you into town to get ice cream." He knew Reece wouldn't be happy about the bribery technique, but he was desperate.

This proposition seemed to intrigue the little girl. "Just you and me?"

Aaron nodded and crossed his heart. "Just you and me."

Heather seemed to contemplate his offer for a few moments before she poked her head further out the door and looked around. Then, upon deciding that it was safe to step back into the world, she exited the barn and grabbed Aaron's hand. "Okay." She said. "That will be just fine."

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