Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beautiful People: Discovering Emma (And Travis) Part Six!

1) What is his/her biggest accomplishment? Emma: Landing a job without a college education. Travis: Balancing his life of dancing, teaching dance, raising Heidi, and finding free time.
2) What is his/her strongest childhood memories? Emma: The way her dad treated her mom when he was still with them; when her Uncle Ben died; watching other girls go to ballet class. Travis: Practically growing up in The Waters School of Dance; going to shows in the city.
3) What is his/her favorite food? Emma: Mac and cheese. Travis: Chinese food.
4) Does he/she believe in love at first sight? Emma: No. She thinks it's impossible to fall in love if you don't know the person. Travis: Not love at first sight, but love at first interaction or conversation.
5) What kind of home does he/she live in? Emma: A small cottage on the edge of Travis's property that she rents from him. Travis: A nice house with lots of land in upstate New York.
6) What does he/she like to wear? Emma: Comfortable clothes that she can dance in; jeggings, sundresses, sweaters, shorts, tank tops. Travis: Cargo shorts, jeans, polos, graphic t-shirts.
7) What would he/she do if he/she discovered that he/she was dying? Emma: Move states if she had to, in order to find a dance company that would hire her. Travis: Sell The Waters School of Dance, and spend a lot more time with Heidi. Make sure he had someone he could trust to take care of her.
8) What kind of holidays or traditions does he/she celebrate? Emma: Nothing major before she moved in with Travis and Heidi. Her family would acknowledge the Christmas season but never actually "celebrate" it. Travis: Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Independence Day, Easter, etc. He grew up in a very traditional family and wants Heidi to do the same.
9) What do your other characters have to say about him/her? Emma: Her mother and sister think she made a mistake leaving home. Her best friend thinks she is bursting with potential. Travis thinks she's incredible and has so much talent that she has to work up the courage to harness. Travis: His parents think he's grown up to be a wonderfully successful young man but are skeptical about his choice to raise Heidi without a wife. His best friend thinks he's awesome, but still teases him about his love for dance. Emma thinks he's smart and sweet and incredibly giving.
10) If he/she could change one thing in his/her world, what would it be? Emma: Divorce. Travis: The lack of self-confidence and joy that people have.

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  1. Great Beautiful People post, Charity! As I think I've said before, I like the sound of Travis. :) Keep up the good work! :D


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