Sunday, March 6, 2011


Made friends on the bus. Solved riddles. Broke bread. Heard awesome speakers. Ate awesome food. Heard God's voice. Went on an adventure. Met a guy who likes Jane Austen. Best. Flipping. Weekend. Ever.

Avalanche '11

That's where I've been the past few days, Loves. Our church's annual youth retreat up at Youth Ranch in Buena Vista. And it. Was. Amazing. I won't go into all the details because if I did, we'd be here for like ever. I'll just add details to the experiences mentioned above.

Made friends on the bus.

I sat on the bus to go to Avalanche by myself with my two buddles (inside joke) Andrea and Melissa across the aisle from me. We turned around in our seats and struck up conversation with the guys sitting behind us and bam. Insta-friends. It was fabulous.

Solved riddles.

We got bored on the ride up. We had nothing to do. So we told riddles and blonde jokes and one of the worst jokes ever invented (if someone asks if you want to hear the purple ivy joke, tell them HECK NO. Trust me. I know).

Broke bread.

We sat with our new friends that first night at dinner. There was cornbread on the table. Chris had the brilliant idea of breaking bread together. We all got a piece. One. Two. Three. We all broke bread at the same time. Now we're practically family.

Heard awesome speakers.

This is true. Pastor Chris spoke along with my dad's friend, Byron and another guy, Jeff. They were amazing. They spoke about craving God versus the things of the world (hence the theme of this year's Avalanche: Crave. And the title of this post). Excellent job, guys. I applaud you.

Ate awesome food.

I've gotta be honest. The food was fabulous. The servers did a swankified job and I also applaud all of them.

Heard God's voice.

He spoke to me in ways He never has before. I learned I need to shut up and listen, let Him drive, and love on the loveless. He is so amazing. He's blessed me with an amazing support group of family and friends. I love Him so much and I don't want to live for anything but Him.

Went on an adventure.

This was probably the second best experience (behind hearing God's voice). Melissa, Andrea, our new friends and I went climbing. We went to a place Andrea discovered earlier and wanted to share with us. When we reached the top, we discovered a platform with a wooden cross. It was so symbolic. It reminded me of how hard the spiritual journey is, how we need others to help us out, and how rewarding it is when you get to the end.

Met a guy who likes Jane Austen.

This was a big moment for me. Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors ever, so to find a guy who not only thought she was a good writer but enjoyed her books and was the one who brought it up was fabulous. We need more classy, mature guys like that, world. If you please.

So yeah. That's my weekend! And to make it even better, you know the play I auditioned for? Yeah I'm in it. *Insert excited, girly squeal here* I *adored* this weekend, Friends. Below are pictures. Please enjoy like I did.

 Pacman was our mascot




Our view

Totally unplanned


A favorite verse

 We reached the top!


In His presence

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