Thursday, March 3, 2011

And We Shall Throw A Magnificent Garden Party And You're Not Invited

Listening to: Straight Ahead by David Cook.

So lovely Miss Lauren at Bits and Pieces tagged me in this little thingy. Basically . . . I have to tell you seven facts about myself. So! I will. Ahem. *Dramatic pause*

1) I auditioned for three of my school's one act plays on Monday. I got callbacks to two of them yesterday. The cast list is posted tomorrow at 7:30 am. And I really really want a part. But what else is new?

2) I love to climb trees. More than I should. I've fallen out of so many in my life I'm surprised I've never been to a hospital (the day I was born doesn't count). But I live in Colorado and there are NO good climbing trees here. Single tear.

3) I have my own signature sayings and such. One of them is *adore*. Another is "Glory!". I also say "Oh my ward" because of Tyler Ward. And I've recently taken to saying "Oh, la!" (read Sense and Sensibility. That's where I got it). Instead of "awkward" I say "What's my line?". Yeah. It's kinda fun.

4) I have a weird thing for old music. Only some of it though. Example: The Beatles, Journey, Queen, Michael Jackson. And various other songs from various other artists (and that was pronounced: ar-teests). The music of this generation kinda sucks for the most part. I mean really it's all about getting drunk and going to parties (with a good beat in the background). Of course this has exceptions. Example: Jason Mraz, Kevin Hammond, David Cook, John Mayer, Michael Buble.

5) I'm going on a youth retreat tomorrow! It's called Avalanche (see previous posts to learn more). I'm psyched. But if I get cast in one of the plays, I'll have to miss the first cast meeting because we leave right after school. Frustrated sigh.

6) I'm an American Idol junkie. I've watched every season since season 2 (I regret missing Kelly Clarkson sooo bad). I know all the winners, and all the stars who didn't have to win. This year I'm rooting for Lauren Alaina and James Durbin. One of the two will win, I promise.

7) I have far too many heroes. Idina Menzel, Gene Kelly, Natalie Lloyd, Travis Wall, Kristin Chenowith, Jason Wade, Chris Colfer, and of course Aaron Tveit. Aaron Tveit is top of the list (see previous posts to know why). I kind of love him a lot. He's just . . . yeah. I'll stop now. Sorry. But can you really blame me?

I tag!

Ready? GO!!!


  1. Ha, I'm watching American Idol right now! I'm rooting for Casey!!! (If that's how you spell his name) I just ADORE him! :D

  2. Gah... I've been tagged! *falls over dramatically* ;) Thank you, lovely Charity! ;)

  3. Oh I love Casey! And you're welcome, Sky :)


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