Saturday, April 2, 2011

Script Frenzy 2011

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Have you heard of Script Frenzy? It's just like NaNoWriMo except you write a 100 page script instead of a 50,000 page book. It just began yesterday and I kind of like it a lot. This blog post is dedicated to my script which I've entitled "Cover Story."

It's basically about a young writer named Sam Barlow (who's Polyvore design is found in my post entitled "Sam"). She writes for New York City's top selling magazine, CULTURE. She becomes fed up with writing about events and touristy parts of the city and doesn't know what to write about anymore. Her best friend, Riley, asks what she wants to write about which prompts Sam to say Zane D'Arabian and his musical Paper Violets. Zane (whose Polyvore is in the post called "Zane") is Broadway's young rising writer and composer. Something about his daring determination and edgy style of writing intrigues Sam. She goes to Andrew, her boss, and asks his permission for an opportunity to write CULTURE's monthly cover story about Zane. Once she swings it by him, she takes it to Jennifer - editor in chief of CULTURE - and having gained permission, she begins.

She meets up with Zane at the corner of Broadway and Grand for the interview. He walks her to the Circle in the Square theatre to watch rehearsal for his musical while she interviews him. They continue to hang out after the interview and he takes her on a crazy insane roller-coaster of emotions and mixed feelings all the while helping her come out of her shell and discover who she was born to be.

What do you think? Is it too out there? Or can you see it premiering in Hollywood, starring me and Aaron Tveit? Let's rock Script Frenzy 2011. I will win, I promise.

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