Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kick Some WHAT!!!

Yesterday was our last performance of the one act plays we're putting on at school. I'm psyched and depressed. Psyched that the show went well, depressed to say goodbye. This has probably been the most fun thing I've ever gotten myself into. This post is dedicated to my loverly cast and all the friends I've made through this experience. I love you muchly.

Dress rehearsal was on Wednesday and it went really well. Then opening night was Thursday during which everything went wrong. One of our actors took some Dayquil which got lodged in her throat. She was bent over the sink, coughing up orange, panicking. Luckily, with the help of much water and comfort, she was okay. While this was going on I was running back and forth between the makeup room and the green room arranging props when, staying true to the klutz that I am, I rolled my ankle in the hall. I tried to mask my limp so people wouldn't freak out but Tim noticed it and confronted me with it. I came out with what happened. He showed me how to stretch it so it wouldn't swell and then wrapped it with a bandanna (we didn't have an Ace bandage anywhere).

I managed to go on even with the loss of all use in my left ankle. Then when the time came for us to go on and the show began we realized we were missing mike tape and a block of ice (which was one of our props) so I had to race back into the kitchen to find them both. I did. The show went brilliantly and we were so proud.

Yesterday we went to Village Inn after the second show for pie. We met a few other theatre kids who had just finished doing their own show at another school and ended up hanging out with them. I left my shoe in someone's car and couldn't figure out how to get out of another one. Maybe I'm just motor vehicle impaired . . .

Last night was closing night. We hung out and played awkward improv games and gave our director flowers and learned a relaxation technique and totally blew the audience members' minds will the brilliance of our show. I was very proud.

Below are just a few of the many pictures I took of the beautiful people I've had the pleasure of getting to know.

 (Left to right) Sam, Tim, Clay, Hannah, Erin
Only Hannah heard me say, "Pose!"
 Hannah doing Quint's makeup
 Black and white shoe: Clay, Blue shoe: Tim, Purple, black, and white shoe: Me
 Malari, Clay, Hannah, Annie
"Everyone's in love with Scribe . . . except for me 'cause I'm a man."
 Yes we do decapitate stuffed bunnies in our free time.
 David as the bunny.
 Zach and Lydia
 Lydia and me
 Clay was convinced he could walk across the entire gym like this . . .
Clay (the hipster) and Tim (the sheik)
Oooooh theatre boys
 Laney, me, David, and Hannah
 I played a hit man
 Clay, me, and Janelle
Me with Ma after the show

No number of words can truly de-SCRIBE how much I love these people and how much fun I've had. I hate having to move on and say goodbye. This show has brought us so much closer as a cast and as a family. I love you "A Play With Words" cast and crew! Keep kicking what.

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