Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wicked Movie

So rumors have gone around that they're making a movie out of the Broadway musical Wicked. And seeing as it is my favorite musical, I am very interested. Everyone is casting the movie with their dream cast so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon for once and do it as well. If they were to make a movie out of Wicked here is my dream cast.

-Elphaba to be played by Idina Menzel
If you've seen Idina in the role, you know why. She was the original so she set the standard for all other Elphabas to live up to and to this day no one has quite hit the mark. She's set the bar so high. She has an extremely powerful voice, a great range and superb acting ability. Not only that but she looks the way Elphaba should as well. One of the other popular picks for Elphaba is Kerry Ellis and if they choose her I will not go see the movie. She doesn't have the right look, her voice is annoying, her singing has a nasally tone and her acting needs improvement. Idina blows her away.

-Galinda to be played by Kristin Chenowith
For starters she can hit notes that should not be physically possible to hit. Both her singing and speaking voices perfectly portray the character and her acting is hilarious. She was also the original Galinda which plays into my choice a little. All the Galinda/Elphaba pairs have to have chemistry and Idina and Kristin have the best out of all those who have been in Wicked. Kendra Kassebaum is also great in the role and my second choice, and Ali Mauzey is my third but Kristin and Idina just do so well together I had to pick Kristin.

-Fiyero to be played by Aaron Tveit
Those of you who have read my previous blog entries know that Aaron Tveit is to me what Justin Bieber is to an "ordinary" teenage girl. Aaron is the only Fiyero who could pass for a college boy. He has the look, the voice, the acting skill and pretty much everything else Fiyero needs. I'm wondering what it'll look like pairing him with Kristin and Idina because they seem older than him, but I think he could pull it off. Adam Lambert and Norbert Leo Butz are both great Fiyeros but next to Aaron even they have to take a backseat.

-Nessa to be played by Cristy Candler
I'll get to the point. Her voice is genius! It doesn't even waver when she sings. She looks like Nessa should, she plays the part of the crushing schoolgirl really well and overall she's perfect for the part. I haven't seen many Nessas but out of all of them she is hands down the best.

-Boq to be played by Alex Brightmen
I've only seen a few Boqs but Alex plays the role really well. He has a good voice, he's the perfect height and he's really good at playing the nervous role. It's obvious how he's into Galinda and he's only hanging out with Nessa to impress her. He gets really into the character and I think he's better than any of the others.

-Madam Morrible to be played by Carole Shelley
The original Madam Morrible, she has the creepy look that's perfect for the role. Her singing voice is good too. But the way she speaks is what really sold me. She rolls her "r's" in a way that portrays the character so well. She almost has a regal air about her and I don't think any one else is good enough.

-The Wizard to be played by Joel Grey
He was also in the original cast of Wicked so his voice is the one on the soundtrack. After I heard his version, none really compared. There's just a tone in his voice that really fits the character. Plus he really looks like the Wizard should, short with white hair and older.

-Dr. Dillamond to be played by William Youmans
Aside from being the original William is the best Dr. Dillamond. He looks great in all the makeup. He looks like an actual goat! He has a good voice, he's a good actor he plays the character really well. I can't see anyone but him in this role.

There you have it. My picks for the cast of Wicked the movie. Fingers crossed it actually happens this way.

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