Monday, December 20, 2010

Have You Ever . . . ?

I just had a sudden urge to write. I don't know why. Or what about. But my urges normally know what they mean. So I guess I'll write. *Dramatic Pause*

Have you ever closely inspected a spider's web? (Assuming you're not too afraid to get near one). I hate spiders. I think they serve no purpose. But their webs are truly remarkable. The one web that I specifically remember was one I saw this Summer in California. The web, detailed and beautiful as it was was suspended between two blades of grass. The spider that made it was smaller than the width of two toothpicks. It blew my mind.

Have you ever sat outside and admired the sunrise? (Assuming you're not a night owl who will sleep in until 1 in the afternoon). I hate waking up early. I need to get my rest. But when I do get the rare pleasure of witnessing God's watercolors sending streaks of fire from one end of the universe to another and reflecting off the Rocky Mountains I have no choice but to think otherwise.

Have you ever gone into a pool just to float? (Assuming you know how to float and you're not too afraid of the water). I prefer to be moving. I don't like to be so vulnerable to splashing little brothers. But when I'm alone and I can just lay on the water with no fear that anyone will attempt to drown me I feel so relaxed. I can listen to my heartbeat and know that God put it there.

Have you ever really stopped to consider what an amazing God we serve? Like just sat down and considered how spectacular He is? Do it now. Seriously. Stop reading my blog for a minute and consider what everyone should consider every day.

Doesn't it blow your mind?

He put the stars in the sky. He blessed the spider with the ability to create. He molded the sun with His hands. He painted the skies. He orchestrated the sound of your heartbeat.

Serving a God so big makes me feel so small and insignificant. But at the same time . . . so loved. He has to keep the universe running. Why should He have to watch us as we sleep to make sure we are breathing? He doesn't have to. But He does. And that knowledge brings me an immaculate peace. My life is in the hands of the One who created David, Moses, Nehemiah, Esther, Corrie Ten Boom, Martin Luther and Ronald Reagan. Not only did He have an amazing plan for each of them, but He kept them safe. I'm resting in the arms of the One who will never put me down.

I am incredibly loved.

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