Monday, December 20, 2010

Inspired By Those Who Don't Know My Name

Every writer has a muse. It's a normal thing. We all have someone whom we look to for inspiration to write. I however enjoy breaking stereotypes and so unlike most writers I do not have a muse. But I do have certain people who inspire me to the point of basing a character off of them or striving to be like them. Here they are.

Idina Menzel

Other than having one of the coolest names known to man she is extremely talented. She has gone down in history as Broadway's first Elphaba Thropp in the musical Wicked. And if her acting and singing abilities weren't enough to inspire me she is also an amazing songwriter. I say this with her song "Brave" in mind. If you haven't heard it look it up on or something. I think it inspires me because it rings so true to my life. Yes there are people who deal with things much harder than I do but I too need to remember to be brave sometimes. This song is my reminder.

Aaron Tveit

Another Broadway legend (who's last name is pronounced Ta-VATE). He has played lead roles in Hairspray, Wicked, RENT, Next to Normal, and Catch Me if You Can. And he's only 26 years old. If that's not impressive, I'm not sure what is. His flawless singing voice and acting skill are the two main things about him that inspire me. But the number one reason is his interpretation of the song "Run Away With Me" from The Unauthorized Biography of Samantha Brown. It's not his song so I can't find it on iTunes (which drives me insane), but the video is found on youtube which is good enough I guess. Again, if you haven't heard it, look it up. It's the most beautiful song ever written and no other version compares to his.

Jason Wade

The lead singer/songwriter of the band Lifehouse gives me chills every time he hits a note. There's something in his voice that makes you know he means every word he sings. He writes or co-writes all of the band's songs which shows undeniable passion for his art. And his songs "Everything," "Falling In," and "You and Me" are sheer inexplicable genius. I can't listen to "Everything" without getting choked up, remembering the first time I saw the "Everything Skit" (found on youtube). And "You and Me" and "Falling In" are two of the cutest love songs ever written. Don't believe me? Look them up. You will be pleasantly shocked.

Natalie Lloyd

Brilliant author. Her stuff is amazing. Go read it if you haven't. There's something between the lines that makes it obvious how she loves to write. Every time I read an article or a book that she's written I walk away wanting more. Her book Paperdoll is a work of art. She makes me want to write. I already love to - it's in my blood - but her works of art just inspire me in a way that I neither understand nor think I ever will. And I don't really want to. Inspiration like that just isn't normal. But that doesn't make it any less special.

Travis Wall

He's not very well-known but that doesn't mean he's any less talented. He's a professional contemporary dancer and choreographer for the TV show So You Think You Can Dance. When he was competing on the show he danced a dance that is firmly implanted in my visual memory. Look up "Travis and Heidi Bench Dance" on youtube and you'll find it. I cried the first time I saw it and then created an entire book based off that dance whose romantic lead is named Travis. Just watch the dance and you'll understand.

I have many more inspirations: Gene Kelly, my Abuela, Chris Colfer, the list goes on. But I won't bore you with those details. The point is I may not have a muse, but these people come pretty dang close. Look up the songs/videos/books if you haven't. Maybe one of these will become your inspiration too.


  1. Travis Wall!!!! He's awesome! His routines...*sigh!*

  2. Yes!!!!! Another Travis fan!!!


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