Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Splash Blog Party!

I thought this looked like fun :)

What are two songs that describe you? Brave by Idina Menzel and Loser Like Me by the cast of Glee (thanks to cousin Ally for showing me this one :)
What do you most fear? Being totally alone.
What color(s) dominate(s) your wardrobe?
Blue and white.
How do you normally do you hair?
I wear it down, only because it's too short to put up and I straighten it or leave it curly depending on my mood.
Do you prefer milkshakes or smoothies? Milkshakes.
Do you like the color pink? Yes. It's not my favorite but I do like it.
What is your favorite flower? Orchids.

How many states have you been to? Roughly 10, but I'm not totally sure.
What is your favorite thing about June?
School is out and the weather turns nice.
your "dream wedding location." Well I'm not planning on getting married (I'll explain later) but I'd love to have it on the beach in Cali, because that's where I'm from.


  1. Hi Charity!

    So glad you decided to join in on the party fun. I like your answers, too! Just a quick suggestion--I really had to struggle to read them! Is there any way you could make your font larger? :) That way others can read your posts without difficulty, too!


  2. Oh yeah! Sorry about that, when I copied the questions they came out small.

  3. Wow, you're doing better than me... I haven't been to ten states yet, only about six!

    I'd be interested to hear the story behind why you don't want to get married sometime... hint hint LOL ;)

  4. Haha I'm going to write a post about it soon :)

  5. Awesome, can't wait to see it! :)

  6. Thanks for participating! I loved reading your answers!

    You have a lovely blog!



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