Friday, June 24, 2011

Restore Redeem Release {Cambodia Part 1}

I popped my jaw. I tried a spicy pepper. I had my feet eaten by fish. I had my Bible stolen (and then returned). I got sick. I fell in love.

I went to Cambodia.

And now, beautiful people, I am home. And I can not possibly put into words what I have experienced. I met some beautiful people, played with some beautiful children, and watched God do some beautiful things. My team has about a million and a half inside jokes. I wanted to bring all the children home with me. And since I can't explain what I went through, I'll use pictures.

Meg, me, and Collin waiting to fly to Taipei

The view from our hotel in Bangkok

Tyler catching catfish

They were massive

We went exploring in Phnom Penh

The rules the prisoners had to follow in one of the killing field prisons

There were lizards everywhere

The road we took to reach the Brightness of Unity village

They lined the road to greet us

The kids were so protective of their little siblings

Maggie and her friend

Jordan and her friend

Cute little girls watching us set up

We painted faces

We took pictures so they could see themselves

They were so cute!

We did the macarena on the street the day it rained

We took food to the people in the slums. These boys were our guides.

They literally live in their own garbage

We did VBS in the hotel parking lot

Collin saying goodbye before we went inside

The boys ate pig intestines

Cute baby with Trent's sunglasses

Playing Duck Duck Goose

Lauren with her friend

Me and my friend

My injury

They got into a mud fight

And now Blogger is being stupid and won't let me upload more pictures. I will add the rest in another post now for you!


  1. Ohmigosh, Charity, it looks like you had an amazing trip! Just seeing your photos makes me want to travel, see new places, meet new people, help other people... *sigh* I just have to grow up a bit more before I can do it on my own. :) Thank you for sharing these photos, I'll have to check out Part 2!

    PS How'd you get that injury? OUCH!

  2. Haha believe it or not, I got it from Duck Duck Goose! I was wearing Converse high tops and those shoes are not the ones for good traction. I fell and scraped my leg and popped my jaw out of place but it's all good now!


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