Saturday, August 1, 2009

Huntington Beach

Hey again! We went to Huntington Beach yesterday and that was a lot of fun. Aunt Laurie took us to the beach at around one o'clock. We stayed there for a while, before walking along the peir to Ruby's to get shakes. Faith and I went outside and stood on the pier and looked out to sea when Aunt Laurie was in the bathroom. If we looked hard enough, we could see two dolphins surfacing. It was really cool. After that we went back to the beach before we got tired and went to pack up our stuff. Well, we forgot where we parked the car, so we spent about fifteen minutes trying to find it. Finally we did. We put all our stuff in the car, and then walked around the streets looking in stores. At one point a guy ran around all four cross sections screaming at the top of his lungs. When he got to the place he started, a friend gave him a hi-5 and handed him some money, like he had been dared to do it. Over all it was a fun day. Today we are going to see Imagine That at the movie theater. Later.


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