Thursday, August 6, 2009

CA Stuff

Wow it's been a while since I wrote. We've been really busy and I haven't always had access to a computer. Last time I wrote we went to the beach so let me see what's happened since then.

Faith and I made a talk show called Who Needs Coffee. That was really interesting. We've been swimming a lot and we went to the library where we got some movies and I got a book which I'm already finished with. I really wish I had brought Uritus and the Sword of Fire with me so I could get some writing done. Mom is flying in today and we're going to do something. We've been staying at Goms and Gomps's (my grandparents) apartment for the last few days. Today we're going over to Abuela's house. My cousin Christian is going to be there. Other than that I don't think we're doing anything special today. More later.


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