Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This blog entry will tell you about our adventures at Disneyland. Okay.

We left early in the morning planning on arriving at the park just as it opened. "We" is me, Faith, Mom, Dad, Matthew and Christian. We went on the big rides first and then got fast passes for Indiana Jones and Splash Mountain, before getting hand stamps and piling in the car to go to lunch at In 'n' Out. Upon finishing lunch we got back into the car to redeem our fast passes. But there was one small problem.

The car wouldn't start.

Mom called Triple A to come jump our car. The guy who did it for us said the car needed a new battery as soon as we could get it. So instead of going straight back to Disneyland, we looked up our old mechanic and went to get a new battery. While replacing it, Jim (the mechanic) discovered that we had no brakes and he fixed those for us too. We were there for a few hours and bored out of our socks, but there was nothing we could do.

Finally he was done. Mom dropped us off at Disneyland and then went to Goms and Gomps's to take a nap. We went to Indiana Jones, but it broke down, so instead we went on Splash Mountain. Right before the ride started, as we were sitting in our seats, Christian asked the cast member nearest to us if he would get wet on the ride (he was kidding). She nodded her head and kind of laughed at us. After Splash Mountain, Dad said Faith, Christian and I could go off on our own. Faith didn't want to go, so Christian and I set off toward Tomorrowland with the mindset that we were going to ride Space Mountain nine times in a row.

But the line for Space Mountain was 30 minutes long and being 14-years-old, we didn't have the patience to wait that long. Instead we went into the Star Tours gift shop, and morphed our faces into Luke and Leia's bodies so it was like we were them. We didn't buy it though. It was too expensive. Then we bought a cream cheese-filled pretzel dipped in mustard.

It was amazing.

We were dying for more food after that so we got in a fight over the last packet of mustard. We didn't think to just get another packet. Um can you say blonde moment? Then we went to a dance party thing that was a lot of fun. During our random dance moves, Dad called Christian to say that Mom was on her way with dinner (Del Taco) and that we had to meet them where the tram drops people off so we could eat. We practically flew there.

So we ate and then went back in to go to Indiana Jones. But it was still broken down. So we went to Tomorrowland back to the dance party, and then we went to see the fireworks. After that we went to It's a Small World (well they dragged me kicking and screaming to It's a Small World) and Christian asked a cast member if the ride was scary. The lady shook her head and said no. That ride is like a scene out of a horror movie. With the dolls and everything . . . . *Shudder*

Then we went to Main Street to buy souvenirs. I bought a scarf and when I was checking out, I asked the cast member if she knew the muffin man (see video). I'm pretty sure she thought I was crazy.

Over-all the day was fun. I'm glad we went.

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