Saturday, July 25, 2009

Uritus and the Sword of Fire

I mentioned in my last post that I am a writer. I am currently writing a book called "Uritus and the Sword of Fire." Here is an excerpt from my book.

Uritus found her in an orchard leaning against a tree, absorbed in a leather bound book. He didn't approach her right away. For a while he just stood there. Watching her. She wasn't doing anything interesting. Occasionally she'd flip a page, but that was about it. And something about it was intriguing in a strange way. It wasn't long before he felt a presence at his side. He turned to see who it was, and found himself looking into Uriah's pale blue eyes.

Uritus looked away, searching for an explanation to why he was watching her. He could find none.

Uriah studied his pupil for a moment before turning to watch Adi as well.

A few moments went by before Uritus finally turned to his teacher and said, "Okay! I know she's getting married soon and I know we're worlds apart and I know I'm not supposed to fall in love with her. But I also know that no man, no matter how great can control love. Because believe me, if I could I would considering all the pain love has caused me over the years." He stopped speaking as he realized he had just confessed to falling in love with the princess. He hung his head, afraid to look at his teacher, and ready to receive the words of discipline the lay ready to pounce from the Wizard's tongue.

But that was the farthest thing from what he got. The Wizard placed a hand under his apprentice's chin and lifted his head up. Uriah wore a sad smile on his face and he looked deep into Uritus's eyes as he spoke. "I understand," he said. "She is an amazing young woman and she deserves far better than that Oregano fella'."

"Basil," Uritus corrected.

"Right, Basil. But she has a duty to her country and she is mature enough to understand that," he sighed before continuing. "You have matured too, Uritus. You are nearing your seventeenth year, and you are becoming more a man and less a boy every day. You have experienced more pain in your first fourteen years then anyone should have to experience in a lifetime. As your guardian, I wish only the best for you. Whether she is the best for you, I do not know. But maybe you should get to know her better. I have a feeling there is more to Adiadni Vindella then meets the eye."

Taken from Chapter 11: Understanding Adi.

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