Monday, July 27, 2009

Last Night

Wow. Last night was fun. I'm not sure where to begin, so I'll just begin at the beginning.

I skyped Melissa sometime in the afternoon. She said she wanted to go to Lauren's concert, but couldn't find a ride. I said that we could take her, and Dad agreed. I called Taylor to tell her the change of plans and she freaked out because she hasn't seen Melissa since December. She told me the concert was at six, but Lauren emailed me and said that it was at seven. I told her that and she said her mom must have got the wrong information. We hung up after that.

Right after doing so, Dad told me to call her back so he could talk to Miss Bridget (Taylor's mom) about dropping Melissa off at home after the concert (Melissa lives kind of far away). So I called back, gave the phone to my Dad, and went downstairs to check my email. Dad hung up with Miss Bridget and called down to me that the concert actually was at six, and Lauren gave me the wrong information. Guess what time it was? 5:00. I still had to get ready, pick up Melissa and Taylor and try to make it to the concert on time.

I called Melissa and told her about the misunderstanding and she said that it was no problem, she was already ready. I threw on my sundress, brushed my hair, and grabbed something to eat in the car. Naturally, on the way to Melissa's, we were forced to stop at every red light. We picked her up, and practically flew to Taylor's house where Dad talked with Miss Bridget, and Melissa and I said hello to Gweny (Taylor's dog).

By the time we arrived at the church where the concert was to be held it was 5:55 and we had five minutes to find seats. We went inside and found the Ballews (Lauren's family) with no trouble at all. We sat with them for the first half of the concert when Lauren wasn't playing. Then the second half began and we couldn't see her, so we moved to other seats and we still couldn't see her. We ended up finding our way into the balcony where we could see her perfectly. I remember they played "August Rhapsody," a song from my favorite movie, August Rush. We left the balcony during the second to last song and went back to sit with the Ballews.

Lauren and her stand partner had a solo in the last song, but it was really short and we didn't catch it. We gave her a standing ovation when it was over, and continued talking about how good she was for a while after. Miss Bridget showed up then, and Taylor had the brilliant idea to go to Razuto's for ice cream. Miss Bridget said it was fine with her, so Melissa and I called home to see if it was okay. We both got the thumbs up.

We talked to some people before going outside to find two people I knew from speech class so Taylor could introduce herself. We couldn't find them. I don't know what it was, but we got really hyper when we got outside. Maybe it was sitting still all that time. I didn't think of it then, but maybe ice cream wasn't the best idea in the world....

Upon showing up at Razuto's, we all decided that it would be a good idea to sit outside. Mr. Ballew's comment about "disturbing the peace" was what sealed the deal. We all ordered our ice cream and went outside. Taylor, Melissa, Lauren and me crowded four chairs to a table that was only meant for two. Mr. and Mrs. Ballew, Miss Bridget, and Jenna (Lauren's younger sister), sat in the trunk of Miss Bridget's car. Now that I think about it, the car was a ways away from us. Maybe they didn't want their peace disturbed either.

We weren't as loud as I thought we would be. Which is a big surprise. I saw three more people I knew from speech class at Razuto's. Maybe they were following me or something. I don't even remember what me and my friends talked about, but I do remember that "Don't look!" became our new inside joke. I also remember that we planned the best two days ever. We'd start out at Melissa's house and walk to Subway for lunch at 2:00, then we'd go to my house and swim at 6:00, then we'd go to Lauren's house to sleep over, and finally, we'd go to Taylor's house in the morning to hang out. Having best friends is so much fun.

But then came the dreaded task of going home. We said goodbye to Lauren and the Ballews, and Taylor, Melissa, Miss Bridget and I piled into Miss Bridget's car to drop Melissa off at home. We stayed at her house a long time talking with Mrs. Bannister (Melissa's mom), and being entertained by Jeremy (Melissa's little brother). After that, we said goodbye, and went to drop me off at home. We did so uneventfully.

That was definitely a fun night. I crashed on my bed after that, very tired, but it was a good tired. More later.


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