Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Haircuts and California

As you can see, I got a haircut yesterday. Actually, me and Faith and Matthew (my siblings) all got haircuts, but I was the only one who did something different. I'm still getting used to it, but I should have done so soon.

Other then this, my exciting news is that I'm going to California tomorrow. That's 18 hours with no stops. Well, except for bathroom breaks and getting more gas for the car. I'm not thrilled about the drive, but it'll be an adventure, and if there's one thing I know about me, it's that I love adventure. Upon arriving at our long sought destination, it will be 1:00 in the morning, and we will crash on Aunt Brenda's couches. If all goes as planned that is. Our plans for our stay? Disneyland, the beach, and all the food places that we don't get in Colorado. Mom is flying out on the 5th or 6th of August, so it'll just be me, Faith, Matthew and Dad on the road trip. Yes I doubt that I will forget this vacation anytime soon, and I am determined to make the best of it. Stay tuned for more later.


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  1. have fun! could you sneak me in your suit case! lol! jk! later!


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