Monday, May 16, 2011

The Never Ending Road To Nowhere

I'm in a "let's go" mood right now. I really really wish I had my (soon to be owned) license and my (soon to be owned) cherry red Jeep Wrangler and I could just drive away and have an adventure. My life isn't helping much with this pressing desire to just go. My family, friends, schoolwork, chores, and all the other stuff I have to deal with here are, subtly and without even knowing it, telling me to leave and drive until the road ends.

I attempted running away from home once as a young foolish six-year-old. I won't go into all the crazy details of how my sister and I planned for hours on how we were going to execute the perfect escape. Long story short: my sister chickened out at the last minute and we didn't go through with it. But now, roughly ten years later, I kind of regret it.

I've waited my whole life for an adventure to come to me. But every time my opportunity comes to make an adventure for myself, I don't go through with it. And I don't know why. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, I always run into some sort of adventure. Whether it be sitting shotgun in a crappy Volvo, driving to Village Inn at 11 o'clock at night or sneaking away during packing period to climb a mountain and watch the world spin beneath us.

And so I decided: when I graduate and I possess both my license and my cherry red Jeep Wrangler I'm going to run away. I'll bring only my wallet and my Bible and nothing else. I'll leave a note for my parents but I won't answer my phone or check my Facebook the whole time. I don't know where I'll go or when I'll get there. But I just need the chance to be free and grab hold of my own destiny and chart my own course.

I admit, it's a little nuts. But haven't you ever wanted to get in the car and just go? No college, no career, no screaming kids, no mortgage. Just go. And write about it when you do. I want to hear about your own adventures since I can't go on my own right now.

I close by giving you a few songs to listen to on your journey:
Now go.


  1. That's a nice idea...

    I have adventures through my writing, and find my adventures in everyday life.Sometimes the best adventures are in the park around the corner!

  2. this is my favorite post that you have ever written!! run away with me is my new favorite song!


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