Thursday, February 16, 2012

The One That Nobody Seems To Like

Is it just me, or does everyone seem to hate Valentine's Day? And it's not just the single people. It's a vast majority of those I know. I've never hated the holiday. But I don't exactly like to entertain the idea of International Love Day. That's really all it is: a day, invented so that February would have something interesting, for mushy high school couples and an excuse to eat out and a reminder to all the single people just how single they really are. It's a day to celebrate love.

But why can't we just show love every day?

I've been single my whole life and I'm totally fine with that. If Papa doesn't want me to have a guy then I don't want me to have a guy. It's Papa's job to pick him out. I don't trust myself enough to do that.

It actually bothers me to see how many girls my age are obsessed with the idea of having a man. Being in a relationship. Being someone's other half. I honestly don't see the appeal. If you've got your whole life ahead of you, why would you want to get tied down so quickly? Get an education. See the world. Go on adventures. Then once you hit the age when you're ready to marry you can start checking out your options.

I really don't see the benefits of dating before you're ready to get married. The whole point of dating is to get to know the one you plan on spending your whole life with. If you can't see starting a life, raising a family, living forever with someone, why do you even bother giving your heart away? All that's going to come out of it is pain. For both of you.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that no one who dates in high school ever gets married to each other. It actually does happen sometimes. But to see these junior high and high school girls obsessed with love or their boyfriend or just the idea of being with somebody bothers me. A lot.

But I'll stop myself before I go too far.

I've made a pact with two of my best friends, Mel and Andrea, that we're not going to date in high school. That we're going to stay pure. That we're going to guard our hearts and keep each other accountable so no one gets hurt. Andrea already has a potential man, and Mel and I are so very excited for her. But The Fellowship of the Ring Pact was made so that we can spend these years focusing on Papa and what He wants us to do with our lives. That's why I'm letting Him choose my man for me.

I have extremely high standards. I demand respect. I refuse to be treated like an object. I expect adventures. If we're talking in terms of a ship (a thing I've become rather obsessed recently)*, he's allowed access to the helm, and I actually expect him to guide me through storms. But if I ever get to the point where I think he's become my anchor and I am no longer free to pursue my passions and goals and callings, then he is obviously not the one for me.

And that's the power of a metaphor.

I hope your love day was beautiful. I hope you got candy and/or flowers. I hope someone told you they love you. I hope you told them back. And I especially hope that even in your season of singleness you choose to pursue the Designer and what He has planned for you. I promise that He will eventually let the right man step aboard.

*I've been considering writing a post about ships and pirates and adventures. Would you read it if I did?

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