Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beautiful People: Discovering Emma (and Travis) Part Huit!

I am a bit behind but I will try to catch up I promise!

1) If your character's house burned down, and he/she was left with nothing but the clothes on his/her back, what would he/she do? Where would he/she go? Emma: She basically went through an I-have-nothing-and-nowhere-to-go situation when she left home after she graduated. She'd gravitate to her best friend, Mandie. Travis: He has wealthy family to support him so he'd probably just shake it off and move back with his parents.
2) Is he/she happy with where he/she is in his/her life, or would he/she like to move on? Emma: She definitely views this time - the nanny job, staying with Travis, etc. - as more of a transition phase in her life. She would much rather move on and get a job as a dancer. Travis: He's certainly content with where he is in his job, with his friends, and with his life. But he can't help but feel that he's missing something and he can't quite seem to pinpoint just what it is.
3) Is he/she well-paid? Emma: Yes, the family she works for is rich and pays her well, but she uses a lot of her money to pay for food, rent, and transportation in the city. Travis: Very much so.
4) Can he/she read? Both: Yes.
5) What languages does he/she speak? Emma: English and French. Travis: English, French, Spanish, and some Latin.
6) What is his/her biggest mistake? Emma: The unforgiving attitude she has toward her father, and the resentment she has toward her mother and sister for holding her back. Travis: Late in the book when he withholds certain information from Emma.
7) What did he/she play with most as a child? Emma: Not with things as much as imaginary friends and places. Travis: His blue and gold striped kite.
8) What are his/her thoughts on politics? Emma: She doesn't really follow them that much except during presidential elections. Travis: They aren't a big deal to him, but he stands obviously on one side of every political issue and has strong opinions.
9) What is his/her expected life time? Both: 80-ish years.
10) If he/she was falsely accused of murder, what would he/she do? How would he/she react? Emma: She'd see it as an outrage. She'd call, Travis, Mandie, and the family she nannies for and seek their support. Travis: He would defend himself, but keep his cool and trust his lawyer.

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