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An Interview {{For the Gentlemen}}

Okay part two of the interview is here!

Interviewer: Hi and welcome back to Who Needs Coffee? Before the break, I interviewed Charisma, Lola, Carmen, and Whitney from The Popular Series. Now I'm going to interview the boys! Let me introduce them to you.

Kurt Nicolas Pleckard is a singing, acting high school student who is caught in the shadow of his fashion designer uncle, Chad Pleckard.

<--- Kurt looks like Aaron Tveit. Don't judge.

Maurice Andrew Okar is the foreign exchange student from Africa who is taken in by Charisma's parents.

                          Maurice looks something along the lines of this --->

Derek Justin Luweo is Lola's fraternal twin who loves playing sports just as much as singing.

<--- This is what he looks like

Finn David Ferrari (whose first name is going to be changed to Sam) is the football quarterback of Westminster High and Carmen's big brother.

                                                         This is what he looks like --->

*The guys walk out and take a seat to the sound of the audience's applause*
Interviewer: Hi guys!
*The guys return the greeting*
Interviewer: Thanks so much for joining us!
Maurice: Not a problem!
Finn: *Leans over to Kurt and whispers* Us?

Interviewer: All right let's get to the first question. Do you guys have any kids?
*The guys turn and look at Kurt*
Kurt: Well, no. I almost did. Charisma told you how she got pregnant?
*Interviewer nods*
Kurt: Well, I was the father. I still feel really bad because I wasn't really there for her when she was pregnant and then when she had the miscarriage . . . *Trails off and looks down*

Interviewer: Okay, we can move on. The next question is a little weird. Have you ever killed anyone?
Derek: Do we . . . look like murderers?
Interviewer: I don't come up with the questions. I just ask them.
*The guys look at each other*

Interviewer: Anyway. Are you guys in love with anyone?
Maurice: It's . . .
Derek: Complicated.
Finn: We do find the right people at the end of the book though.
Kurt: Yeah "love" is a strong word. We've all dated a few girls.
*The guys all nod*
Finn: Kurt is in love with Charisma though. Even though she punched him . . .
Kurt: You didn't need to tell her that!
Maurice: We all know it's true.
Derek: It's kind of obvious.
Kurt: Anyway! We do all find love at the end of the book. Next question.

Interviewer: Okay. Do you guys have any jobs?
Maurice: Not really.
Derek: We do odd jobs where we can.

Interviewer: Do you guys have favorite seasons?
Finn: Fall and spring because I can play football.
Maurice, Kurt, and Derek: Summer.
Finn: You guys are so original.

Interviewer: *Laughs* The girls have already told me about how you are best friends with them. Do you have guy best friends too?
Finn: *Puts his arm around Kurt* This guy!
Derek: *Puts his arm around Maurice* Well, my best friend is from Nigeria!
Kurt: *Laughs* We're all really close though.
Maurice: *Nods* No rivalries here.

Interviewer: That's great! So what do you guys like to do for fun?
Derek: Well Finn likes football.
Maurice: Duh.
Kurt: Maurice likes to cook!
Maurice: Derek is our songbird.
Finn: And Kurt likes to play dress up!
Kurt: Shut up! Just because I like to look good and I have an uncle who's a world famous fashion designer does not mean I play dress up!
Finn: *Laughs* I'm just kidding.
Derek: Kurt sings too. And does some acting.
Maurice: Which he's freaking good at!
Kurt: *Sarcastically* Awe shucks.

Interviewer: So what are you guys doing after the interview?
Maurice: *Gasps* Finn I think she just asked you out!
Derek: Get in line.
Finn: Knock it off, guys!
Kurt: Oh come on, Finn. You know every girl in school is totally taken with you.
Derek: You shouldn't be talking, Kurt!
Maurice: Okay, she gets it. We're all very attractive, talented people who are busy this afternoon. *Turns to Interviewer* Maybe next time.

Interviewer: *Blushes* Moving on . . . What's your eye color?
Finn and Maurice: Brown.
Derek: Hazel.
Kurt: Blueish-green.

Interviewer: So . . . are you good or bad?
Derek: Good . . .
Finn: Why . . . ?

Interviewer: Like I said, I don't write the questions. What's your greatest fear?
Maurice: I got this. Derek's afraid of shoe shopping, Finn's afraid of scented candles, Kurt's afraid of being eaten alive by a shark.
Derek: And Maurice is afraid of the sun exploding.
Kurt: Not just being eaten by a shark. It's the pain of being eaten that I'm afraid of.
Finn: How did you come up with scented candles?
Maurice: Because they take away from your masculinity!
Finn: Oh, okay.
Interviewer: *Laughs* You guys are hilarious together!
Derek: We know.

Interviewer: So, parents! What's up with them?
Finn: My parents are really cool actually.
Derek: Mine are lame! Okay not really. They're alright.
Maurice: I love my parents, but they can be a bit . . . over protective. That's why I was so glad when I found out I could come to America for school.
Kurt: Well, mine are actually divorced. I live with my dad and see my mom on occasion. It's not as hard on me as you think it would be though.

Interviewer: What about siblings?
Finn: Derek and I have sisters but Kurt and Maurice are both only children.
Derek: Yeah, having a sister is eventful. It's cool I guess, but it can be a pain.

Interviewer: Understandable. Was it fun answering these questions?
Kurt: Are we done?
Interviewer: Not quite.
Maurice: Yes it was fun. I got an excuse to hang out with my buds.
Derek: Awe!
Finn: Group hug!
*The guys all hug each other*

Interviewer: *Shakes her head* Do you guys have any weaknesses?
Kurt, Derek, and Maurice: Girls.
Finn: Real original, guys.

Interviewer: What's your favorite element? Fire, water, earth, or wind?
Derek: Fire is cool.
Maurice: Water is too.
Finn: I don't really have a preference.
Kurt: Earth. Because I live there.
Maurice: That leaves you with wind, Finn.
Finn: Okay, wind is cool. It's fast and stuff . . .

Interviewer: All right then. Almost done. Do you guys care what others think of you?
*The guys all look at each other*
Kurt: I think we all do, to an extent. Everyone does, though some try to deny it. We don't let people get to us though. We're pretty confident with who we are.
Derek: Don't get too deep, Kurt . . .
Kurt: Shut up.

Interviewer: Okay last question: Do you guys have theme songs?
*The guys look at each other again*
Maurice: We haven't really thought about that.
Finn: I think Kurt's is "Fly With Me." The Tyler Ward version.

Derek: And Maurice's is "Run and Tell That" from Hairspray!

Maurice: Derek's has to be "We Are the Champions" by Queen.

Kurt: And Finn's is "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain.
Finn: Why that?
Kurt: Because you're the one who's always there when we need you.

Interviewer: All great songs! Well looks like we're out of time! Thanks for joining us!
Derek: No problem!
Finn: *Leans over to Kurt and whispers* Us?
Interviewer: We'll be back tomorrow with more great stuff. Thanks for tuning into Who Needs Coffee? I'm Winny Hightower, bye-bye!

Again I tag ANYONE WHO WANTS TO PARTICIPATE!!! Thanks y'all :)


  1. "Interviewer: So what are you guys doing after the interview?
    Maurice: *Gasps* Finn I think she just asked you out!"

    LOLZ! xD You literally had me cracking up with this. These guys are AWESOME!

  2. Haha I know! I love these characters. The books are mainly written about the girls but I'm glad I got the chance to put the guys in the spotlight.

  3. I'm glad the guys got a few minutes in the spotlight, too - I loved reading this! :D


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