Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Here's To Starting Over

I'll be honest, 2013 was hard. I became depressed and suicidal, I was lied to, I lost more friends than anyone should ever have to, I was emotionally pushed far beyond my limits. But I would be lying if I said the year was all bad and no beautiful.

In 2013 . . . I became so much closer to my Father's heart. He taught me so much about Himself and drew me closer to Him when I was breaking. He taught me about myself as well and carried me through all of my hardships. He kept every promise and never left my side and showed me that I really am never alone.

In 2013 . . . I figured out who I am. Papa rebuilt my entire identity. I stripped away all the lies I've been believing about myself for so long and replaced them with the truth - that I am beautiful, powerful, capable, ready. I discovered my spiritual gifts and learned how to use them for the glory of the Designer. I became who He has always intended for me to be.

In 2013 . . . I grew in my relationships with some beautiful people. Acquaintances became friends. Friends became sisters. Many broken relationships were repaired and I found life partners in places that I never would have expected to. I realized that I have a killer support system, and while there are a lot of people who don't stick around, there are also those who I can trust that aren't going anywhere.

In 2013 . . . I grew up. I grew wings. And I'm not entirely sure how, but I taught myself how to fly. I've always been able to. I just didn't know how yet.

This coming year is going to be better. I intend to step foot on a new continent. I plan on making new friends in even stranger places. I am going to write a lot more and finish the second draft of Uritus and the Sword of Fire. And now that I know who I am, I can step into the world as that very woman, one who carries herself with fearlessness and poise.

My best friend and I are embarking on a journey of integrity in 2014. One full year, not a single lie, completely confrontational with everyone and withholding no information from anyone. So I'll be blogging a lot more, journaling my thoughts and experiences, free of any watering down. He's doing the same, and you can find his blog here.

In 2014, there will be dance parties. There will be fireworks. There will be roadtrips and nights spent traversing the streets of cities unfamiliar to us. There will be works of art created and music made and food tasted. And there will be memories so sweet and hilarious that we will be unable to tell the stories without laughing hysterically.

So here's to new beginnings. Here's to fresh starts. Here's to building a life that I won't feel the need to escape from in the presence of the ones with whom I have always truly belonged. Here's to greater adventure, louder symphony, stronger love. And here's to a year that is already gearing up to be not only better than the last, but the best one we've had so far.

Welcome, 2014.

I'm ready for you.

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