Friday, March 15, 2013

Something So Beautiful: Sleeping

There is something so beautiful about people when they sleep. It's not really easy to explain. They just slip out of their exhausting facades and into a place of peace. The pressures that the world puts on them are loosed and every burden drops from their shoulders to the ground. They are so vulnerable, so sweet, so quiet. It's hard to be mad at them because they look so harmless. But inside their heads, this is not the case.

Inside their heads they are explorers and magicians and artists and revolutionaries. Every goal they've never been unable to reach becomes something they can accomplish. Everything they've ever desired becomes attainable. Inside their heads they wage war against phantom armies and sail great triple-masted ships and fall in love.

Someone once told me never to fall in love with those in my dreams unless I know how to dream and find them again. And I agree. I think it's a solid piece of advice. But I also think that's a very difficult thing to ask of anybody. The people in dreams are powerful and beautiful and they compliment your personality perfectly. They're so fantastic because they are exactly what you want even if you don't know you want it.

When people dream they are capable of anything. They can conquer nations and save lives and change the world. And maybe that's why they're so beautiful when they sleep. You see them as they truly are - indefinable, extraordinary, infinite. And so inexplicably beautiful.

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