Saturday, June 2, 2012

Beautiful People: Discovering Emma (and Travis) Part Dix!

1) What is his/her favorite type of shoes? Emma: Ballet slippers. Travis: Converse.
2) Does he/she journal? Both: On occasion, when inspired.
3) What's his/her favorite animal? Emma: Tigers. Travis: Dogs.
4) What does his/ her average day look like? Emma: She wakes up at 7:00 and goes straight over to the house she nannies at and spends the day over there taking care of the kids. She then goes home around 3:00 when their parents get home and meets Heidi at her school and walks her home. The she makes a snack for herself and Heidi and stays with her until 4:00 when Travis gets home. She spends her nights with friends or at the bench. Travis: He wakes at 6:30 and makes breakfast for himself and Heidi. He then walks her to school and takes a Subway to The Waters School of Dance where he spends his day teaching and choreographing. He returns home at 4:00 and has dinner with Heidi and Emma when she's home and spends his nights with Heidi.
5) Night owl or morning person? Emma: Not really either but more night owl. Travis: More morning person, but he can be a night owl too. He's not often tired.
6) Does he/she have a sweet tooth? Both: No.
7) What colors are his/ her bedroom? Emma: One wall is exposed brick and the others are green. Travis: Blue.
8) Can he/she cook? Both: Yes.
9) What is his/her favorite household chore? Emma: Doing dishes. Travis: Folding laundry.
10) Favorite kind of tea? Emma: Chamomile. Travis: He doesn't drink tea.

**side note** The next Beautiful People is about the villain of the story, but mine doesn't really have one. Therefore, I will be skipping that one.

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